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Are you ready to profit from personalization?

Signature Engraving offers hundreds of products for custom engraving. From engravable gifts to our state of the art computerized personalization machines, Signature is looking out for your customer and your bottom line.

What can Signature do for you?

• Increase your margins with a computerized personalization system
• Brand your product using custom personalization
• Eliminate your returns
• Keep your current customers happy
• Bring corporate business to your store
• Increase visits from your customers
• Differentiate your business from internet sites and big box stores
• Involve your sales staff in growing your engraving business
• Signature provides you with the support your company needs while making business fun

About Signature Engraving Systems, Inc.

Values: We are a privately held, family owned New England company with old-fashioned values. We succeed with integrity and pride in our country, our product, our customers and our employees. These values characterize the Signature family.

Pride in our Customers who quickly become Signature family members. We answer the telephone personally. We want to talk to our customers directly and handle their questions or concerns immediately. Customer Service is our #1 priority! We have set up a technical service line to handle problems from 7:00AM to 9:00PM EST, seven days a week, because we know you take pride in servicing your customers as well. We value suggestions from our customers… It is how we make our systems and services better!

Pride in our Employees: We take pride in what we are today, and it is through the dedicated efforts and concern of our employees for quality product and prompt service that have made it possible. We are who we are because of them… We will grow as a family with their concern and effort.

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History: Signature Engraving Systems is a privately held corporation and an offshoot of United Innovations, Inc., an engineering design firm. United Innovations was founded in 1982 by Lucien Parent, President of United Engineers, Inc. and Christopher Parent along with Dr. James Voss and James Richmond. The company was chartered to research product ideas that could be of interest to manufacturers, combined with the internal manufacturing of certain products. The company also sold patent rights to others to produce innovative products.

The first product design marketed by United Innovations was a large format Mural Plotter. The second was a computerized Signature 8000 Pantograph Retrofit Engraver developed for the largest giftware chain in the country. The third product line was an easy-cut vinyl cutter/plotter for the sign industry. Fourth, the computerized Signature 8080 countertop engraver, the real beginning of Signature Engraving Systems, Inc.

As these products developed, the company's research of the engraving market found the available systems, including their own, insufficient for the needs of the industry they served or were severely limited to specific industries. They vowed to develop a system that would meet all industry needs while at the same time expanding the capabilities and horizons of engraving systems. They succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.

Now the benchmark for computerized engravers, Signature continuously strives to improve current models and develop new techniques and designs to make personalization as unique as the individual for whom it is meant. We came to realize exactly what personalization is. Our mission has evolved to include not only the development of better tools and systems, but to educate the industry about personalization so they can benefit from increased margins, and also experience the daily pleasure of making their customers happy!

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News & Events

Engraving Contest Winners
View more images of amazing work other customers have done with their Signature Engraver!
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Upcoming Shows
See our engraving machines in action!
Visit Signature Engraving Systems to receive a live demo of the engraver and to see what new innovations we have for the engraver this year!
Please call 800-323-3283 to see if we can schedule a private demo, or to ask about our upcoming show schedule.
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Engraving Machines

Jewelery and Giftware Engravers

Create memorable keepsake jewelry and gift items using the finest computerized engraving systems in the world! Make all your customers happy by offering them the opportunity to make their purchases truly special. So profitable and easy to use, you'll wonder what took you so long to purchase one!
Never turn down an engraving job ever again! The Eighty Eighty Super has everything the Signature 8080 Plus has... Just super sized! The engraving space is increased to handle large bowls up to 12" diameter and has a maximized engraving area of 12"x28". You can easily engrave trophies, magnum champagne and wine bottles... and so much more!
The Signature 8080 Plus is the most popular model with jewelers and gift stores. This computerized engraving system has it all! With one machine, you have the engraving ability of 7 different machines! You can engrave on jewelry & watches, wood & plastic, crystal, glass & bottles, inside and outside engraving on rings & bangle bracelets, Signature's unique foil transfer system, and machining center to create and cut custom charms.
With an engraving area of 8"x16" and a maximum cylindrical area of 12" diameter, your engraving possibilities are endless.
If necessary, you can even do it all while your customer waits! (Have you ever lost a sale because it was going to take too long to get it engraved?) It's the best investment you'll ever make!
With the 8080 Mini, you can engrave pens, watches, lighters, key chains, metal plates, glass, plastic and wood signs, picture frames and plaques.
The engraving area is 8"x 6" and has a cylindrical attachment for engraving on cups and mugs that allows greater product depth and a maximum of 5" diameter. The inside ring & bangle bracelet engraving attachment and unique foil transfer system are great additions to this machine!

Industrial Engravers

Our Flatbed units are designed for flat stock, and are especially popular with trophy and award specialists. You can engrave with quality on all stock - plastic, laminates, metal plates, etc. Think of all the money you can make selling engraved awards, name tags, pet tags, plastic signs, and small jewelry items! We even include free holders for pens, watches, and anything else you can fit.
Signature's smallest flatbed engraver with a 13" x 12" engraving surface. It's rugged enough to handle commercial work and includes workholders for pens, watches and small jewelry items
The 7088 is larger than the 4088 with a 13" x 24" engraving surface. Its rugged design is ideal for commercial work and it engraves with quality on all stock items such as plastic, laminate and metal plates. Includes workholders for pens, watches and small jewelry items!
Signature's Super Sized flatbed engraver can engrave over a 25" x 48" area in one pass! The engraver has a universal spindle assembly that accepts both standard burnishing tools and standard rotary cutters (11/64" diameter). The cutter depth is micrometer controlled with a low friction nose cone.

Green machine?

Read about the risks of laser engraving, and why our machines use a diamond drag tip instead.
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Please call me directly to discuss your store and how you can profit from personalization. I will assign one of our highly experienced sales associates to work with you towards adding a Signature Engraver to your store!

Chris Parent

Christopher A. Parent
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Financing Available

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Technical Support
Purchasing a Signature Engraver is a large investment, so you want to make sure you have all the support you need available at your fingertips.
Whether you've been a part of our Signature family for years, or you are new to our company, we want to let you know what options are available to keep your engraver working at its best.
Technical support is available 8am to 6pm EST Monday through Friday. If you are a warranty customer, technical support is available 8am to 9pm EST Monday through Friday and on-call on the weekends.
Please call 413.533.7500 for technical support or contact support via email.
The Signature Re-Training Program is tailored to fit your needs. Whether you are new to the engraver or just need a refresher course, our certified Signature training team can help you utilize your machine to its full potential. Have one of Signature's certified trainers travel to your location or come visit us in Massachusetts at our corporate location.
If you're looking for logo training, we offer online web conferencing through We can host online training sessions to walk you through our software in real time.
Please call 413.533.7500 for more information and pricing.
Engraver Warranty
Warranty on your Signature Engraver is like insurance for your car. If anything happens to your engraving machine, you want to make sure you are completely covered!
With the Signature warranty program, you are entitled to:
• Full technical support from trained individuals
• Discounts on new innovations, workholders, & consumables
• Free software updates
• Free replacement parts on engraver hardware
You can warranty your Signature engraver and computer or just the engraver. You also have the choice of paying monthly or yearly. Call 413.533.7500 today for pricing and for more information!
Upgrade Your System
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Return to the Future!

Trade up to a new Plus or Super no matter how old your machine is!
Call 413.533.7500 for details.

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